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se-hyt-smals/n: 612    Year 1951
 History: 51-16364, N90403
A historic piece of machinery is seen resting at one of Säve Airport’s several heliports. The aircraft was constructed back in 1956 spent a career as a US military aircraft. It was imported to Sweden by a group of private persons in late-2004. It's currently the only Hiller in Sweden.
Manufacturer  Hiller           
 Model  UH-12B   
 Effekt   HP
 Maxvikt   kg
 Tomvikt   kg
 Lastvikt   kg
 Max Fuel    L
 Fuel/Hour   L

Jens Berglund &
Bo Redlund


I fokus

PPR på fältet p.g.a vildsvin se notam
Klubbstuga: 0320-40023
Mikael: 072-239 47 15
Henrik: 070-969 26 34


Spaka själv-provlektion eller Rundflyg

Kjell Saxevall tel: 070-882 42 31
Anton Vialle tel: 070-798 12 34




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